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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the vision for 1250 West Jeff?

1250 West Jeff will be a 100% affordable housing development offering best-in-class amenities while maintaining a community-serving focus. The existing 113 units will be replaced, and by the time the redevelopment is completed, there is the potential for an additional 1,000+ affordable units.

Working in partnership with developer Community Builders Group, the SeaFlo Foundation will establish onsite programs committed to improving the lives of South Los Angeles residents. While this is primarily a residential community, commercial space will be specifically curated to activate the main thoroughfares while meeting the needs of the residents and neighbors.

What kind of affordable housing will 1250 West Jeff provide?

1250 West Jeff is a 100% affordable housing development. It will serve a wide range of income earners. Those earning from 30% to 80% of Area Median Income (AMI) will qualify to have a home at 1250 West Jeff. This spectrum of affordability includes a segment of income earners that is often called the “missing middle” -- those who are unable to afford market-rate housing but also earn just enough to make them ineligible for housing subsidies. The strength of the 1250 West Jeff community is found in its diversity.

What will happen to the current residents?

All existing residents will have a home in the completed development. Our goal is to complete construction without having to relocate any residents. However, if it becomes necessary to temporarily relocate any residents, they will be relocated to CBG-owned apartments in the surrounding area (within a 1-mile radius of the property). CBG will provide relocation specialists, moving crews, and translators to ease this transition at no cost. Residents will be welcomed back onsite into their new units as soon as construction is complete. All current residents’ rents will remain in compliance with the programs in place.

What are the rent levels for the new apartments?

Rent levels will continue to be determined by income levels of current and future residents. CBG intends to maintain the current Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contract for the current 113 units and that program will continue to determine the levels of rent for each family covered by the contract. Future residents who will be eligible for units under different programs will have their rents determined by their income levels.

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